Barbecook Major BBQ - Kiwi Green - Barbecook Major BBQ - Kiwi Green

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Barbecook Major BBQ - Kiwi Green

  • Price: £139.00

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This Item is on display in our Hitchin, Herts Showroom if you wish to view one before purchasing.

Barbecook Major Charcoal BBQ - Kiwi Green

  • Easy QuickStart Lighting System - just put some paper in the column, add charcoal on the grid above and light the paper through the holes in the column - proven reliable technique
  • Safe and quick cleaning with the QuickStop system - before grilling just pour some water in the base of the column, and then when ready to extinguish the barbecue just remove the charcoal grid and the warm coals fall down the column and extinguish themselves in the water
  • Adjustable air supply vent
  • Warming Rack
  • Windshield
  • Height-adjustable Grill
  • Cooking Height 3ft (92cm)
  • Grill Diameter 20" (50cm)
  • Overall Dimensions 3'2" High x 2'2" Wide x 2' Deep (97 x 66 x 60cm)

The Barbecook Major is a great, funky barbecue that is easy to use, and a sensible size that makes it usable. Come and see one in our BBQ showroom!

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